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Katy Perry Biography

Katy Perry Biography Raised by parents whom were two devoted pastors, Katy Perry grew up with a very religious background. Perry was born on October 25, 1984 and her parents lead her into singing gospel music. She sang in churches and local restaurants. With strict parents, she was banned from what they called “secular music,” [...]


Katy Perry Concert Candy: Atlanta

Katy Perry Concert….. Check it out – Concert footage and back stage peaks from Katy Perry’s Sold-Out California Dreams Arena Tour 2011. New costumes, new dancers, pyrotechnics… Katy Perry has really outdone herself this time! I love the looks on the fans faces as the show begins to start. Very good documentary style shooting. That’s what it’s [...]


Katy Perry Last Friday Night (TGIF) Lyrics and Video

Katy Perry Last Friday Night (TGIF) Lyrics Last friday night I was shocked I thought the world revolved Around me Everytime we are together But I’m still looking forward To a guy with more potential Just admit we’re together We went out last friday night (X4) By Ballistik Coffee Boy I feel like you’re crazy [...]


Katy Perry Thinking of you Lyrics and Video

Katy Perry Thinking of You Lyrics Comparisons are easily done Once you’ve had a taste of perfection Like an apple hanging from a tree I picked the ripest one I still got the seed You said move on Where do I go I guess second best Is all I will know By bitchymode Cause when [...]


Katy Perry California Girls Lyrics and Video

Katy Perry California Girls Lyrics [Snoop Dogg] Greetings loved ones Let’s take a journey [Katy Perry - Verse 1] I know a place Where the grass is really greener Warm, wet and wild There must be somethin’ in the water Sippin’ gin and juice Layin’ underneath the palm trees (Undone) The boys Break their necks [...]